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Head Gates

Filson Automatic Head Gate

This head gate catches the animal automatically. When the side panels are in the inward position, the opening is large enough to allow passage of the animal's head. When the animal's shoulders hit the side panels, the head gate closes locking the head in place. To release the animal, move the panels to an outward position. Head Gate can be changed for right or left hand control.


  • Weight 240 lbs
  • Width 33 inches
  • Height 69 inches

Filson XL Automatic Head Gate

The XL Automatic Head Gate is designed for larger breeds of cattle. Constructed of heavier materials, it has the same features and ease of operation found in the automatic Head Gate.


  • Weight 350 lbs
  • Width 39 inches
  • Height 75 inches

Filson XLT Manual Head Gate

This stanchion type head gate can be mounted on the XL Chute or the Standard Chute - in place of the Automatic Head Gate. The locking device on this head gate is a ratchet-type. Nose chain is standard. This head gate is ideal for horned cattle.


  • Weight 220 lbs
  • Width 39 inches
  • Height 78 inches

Brisket / Sternum Bar

This is Blattner's head gate equipment called the Brisket / Sternum bar, used to catch the animals' head.